Artist Statement:

Through the act of creation artists become alchemists, turning the mundane into magic. I find this magic through duality: dark and light, body and soul, heaviness and weightlessness. The ambivalence seen in my work shares glimpses of a personal struggle with divinity and addiction recovery. Repeatedly, I was putting my faith into drugs and alcohol, in an attempt to transcend the ordinary, only to find that I had been worshiping a false idol at the bottom of every bottle. The true transfiguration began with sobriety, opening doorways for me to a new denomination of creationism– art.

My artwork is influenced by my formal education in philosophical theology and interfaith dialogue, seeking to understand the central themes of religious practices and beliefs. All religions and acts of faith carry the potential to be both purifying and destructive, sometimes simultaneously. The tension of this dialectic harmony is the main exploration of my works. Informed by the theatricality of religion, I use ink and acrylic paint coupled with an iconoclastic application of timeworn sacred scriptures and vintage media. This is the foundation of alchemical philosophy– a perpetual process of refinement and improvement, symbolizing the heterogenous unity of reality. It is this space where I find God.

Dj Moon, also known as The Space Pilgrim, resides and works in the Spokane area of Washington State. She holds a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Religious Studies and Art History. Her studies focus on death, religion, liminality, spiritual alchemy, and Jungian psychology, all of which are incorporated into her mixed media paintings.